Meet Our Dedicated Doctors

Let us introduce our entire team of experts who make the success of our business.

Dr Tommy Ng

MBBS (Singapore)
Dip. Dermatology (Singapore)
MMed Fam Med (Singapore)

Dr Tommy Ng was an early adopter of aesthetics medicine. With over a decade of experience in aesthetics practice, he is definitely one of to-go doctors in Singapore for aesthetics. With his many patients and long history in aesthetics, Dr Tommy is able to combine expertise with experience. He is abreast with the latest trends in Korea and Japan and constantly upgrades himself to be aucourant with the most cutting edge technology. However, Dr Tommy is careful to curate only the best and the most effective treatments for his patients. Above all, he works and research all his treatments to ensure that his patients stay safe while achieving their beauty goals.

Dr Tommy is committed to giving only the most suitable treatments tailored to each individual patients' varied needs. One of Dr Tommy's most sought after quality is his commitment to making sure that each patient gets a customized solution. He takes the time to understand each patient's needs, lifestyle,diet, budget and requirements before prescribing a solution. His many patients appreciates his hands on approach. You won't find Dr Tommy offering cookie cutter solutions to his patients. He believes that each individual deserves an unique beauty plan. Dr Tommy works with patients to achieve maximum results with the most minimally invasive procedures with little recovery needed.

Dr Tommy is also known for his honesty. His loyal patients appreciate it when he helps them set realistic targets and his refusal to hard-sell. Dr Tommy's many long time patients are a testimony to his ability produce good results at reasonable pricing. Over the years, many long time patients have become good friends to the extend that overseas patients return to Singapore to undego their treatments under Dr Tommy. The fact that than 80% of his business come from word of mouth referrals is an attestation of his patients' trust in him.

Dr Chew Kuok Ming

MBBS (Singapore)
Dip. Dermatology (Singapore)
Dip. Family Medicine (NUS, Singapore)

Dr Chew graduated from the National University of Singapore in 2001 with a Bachelor in Medicine & Surgery degree and has been practicing family medicine for the past 11 years. He has since then constantly ungraded himself by obtaining the Diploma in Family Medicine (Singapore) and the Diploma in Family Practice Dermatology (Singapore); and attended courses and workshops in aesthetic procedures.

His passion in aesthetics medicine has come about from his experiences as a GP doctor where he has come across many dermatological conditions. He was frustrated when he could not treat these patients effectively with pure oral or topical medications. As such, he realizes that there are a significant proportion of his patients with genuine congenital and persistent dermatological problems like acne, pigmentations, excessive hair growth, and age-related skin changes which can now be treated with various modalities like chemical peels, Botox, fillers, IPL, and lasers.

As a GP, his philosophy is to treat all his patients holistically and address their dermatological concerns. He believes that aesthetic medicine is not merely making his patients look better, but to help them feel more confident about themselves.

Dr Chew loves to play golf whenever time permits, and looks forward to travelling for relaxation. His affable personality has garnered heart-felt praises by his patients who have benefited greatly under his care and treatment.