Trinity Medical Group
GP services remains to be the core service provided by Trinity Medical Group. Each of our clinics are well established in their own right and manned by dedicated permanent doctors. We understand the importance of having continuity of care. As such, we continuously strive for the personal touch that each of our patient has come to expect from us.


Our Partner Specialist Doctors
FeM Surgery is a surgical group practice whose doctors aim to provide the best quality surgical care to our local and international patients. Every patient will get a personalised subsubspecialty opinion and care for common and complicated diseases. The team adopts the latest in surgical techniques and medical knowledge and work closely with other specialists in hospital to provide the best opinion and surgical care to their patients.

FeM Surgery Operates The Following Subsidiary Specialty Centres:
  • Breast Centre @ FeM
  • Gallstone Liver Centre @ FeM
  • Cancer Surgery and Peritonectomy Centre @ FeM
  • Cancer Screening & Endoscopy Centre @ FeM
  • Hernia Centre @ FeM
  • Brain and Spine Centre @ FeM
Partner Specialist Doctors:
  • Dr Tan Yu-Meng
  • Dr Felicia Tan
  • Dr Chong Chee Keong
  • Dr Roy Koh
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